Survey and Inspection


Visual – All types of structures require costly maintenance, we can help to make sure that resource is targeted where it is most needed.  With our non-tactile visual inspections we can provide the very best quality detailed still photography and/or video to allow your experts to assess condition without any risk and usually for less cost than traditional means.  We can use automated systems so that subsequent surveys present information in the same way to allow direct comparison.  Where assets need to be identified, classified and valued, this data can provide the vital record.


Specialising where work is at height, in difficult, dangerous or dirty locations whether the job be a mast, tower, telecommunications links, church, industrial building, a quarry, wind turbine, chimney, manufacturing works, bridge, rock face or tree or other piece of infrastructure, and natural features like a cliff or rock face, river bank, fire break, forestry or a tree.


We can help you to assess condition post flood, fire, lightning strike or landslide.  Your experts, including surveyors, construction specialists or loss adjusters can be present to further direct in real time the data you wish to gather, or can view and direct data collection remotely dramatically reducing travelling time, time on site and increasing productivity.  Whether routine, or in response to an incident or event, you can ensure your assets are properly understood from all perspectives and help you to manage your resources and risks.


Aerial Mapping – An Ocuair RPAS can provide a complete surveying and GIS (Geographical Information System) solution.

The immediate and reliable collection of high quality aerial imagery and a variety of industry standard image processing options give everyday users and GIS specialists the ability to gather aerial imagery faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than satellites, manned aircraft or ground-based measurements.


The data and imagery collected enables users to create high-resolution 2D orthomosaics and maps, 3D and Digital Surface Models (DSM), and other GIS datasets.


3D Modeling – Through the use of commercially licensed software and state of the art computer processing power we can generate 3D models of buildings, terrain and infrastructure using photorealistic systems.  We can do this for both visual and thermal data, at astounding levels of accuracy.  The 3D model allows you to visualize the location, as it was on the day the data was gathered and, in conjunction with other tools, allows a detailed and unparalleled degree of understanding and situational awareness particularly when communicating with others who may have never visited the site.  Technical exploitation includes line of sight calculations, volumetric, distance and height, measurement, slope analysis, flood risk and many other factors.  Repeating the process allows direct comparisons to be made between models including volumetric differences.  This can all be done without interrupting or disrupting ongoing work.


This example fly-over demonstrates the quality of imagery available from Ocuair’s UAVs.  You can use this model to monitor your assets and decide if you need to take any action.  Using a UAV reduces time on site, shut down periods and eliminates risk to your personnel.


This flight used 135 images to build the model.  It is orthorectified and has a spatial resolution of 2cm which is in excess of 20 times better than the very best commercial satellite images.  To find out more contact or visit