Other Commercial Applications


There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial applications.  Here are just a few of the types of services we can provide.


Ocuair can deliver a project wide view on large commercial developments and construction projects.  These can be used to monitor progress but also act as a briefing tool for your clients.  Imagine the ability to show the MD the view from his 20th floor, Ocuair can.


Asset Management is huge business and when you are dealing in billions of pounds you need to be able to monitor your assets.  And, if anything were to happen to your assets we can help any police or insurance investigation by providing unrivalled imagery of the loss.


If you want to show the board of directors the progress of their new, multi-million, construction project or you want to produce a unique record of the build for promotional purposes then Ocuair can help.


Using state of the art time-lapse high-resolution photography on an automated Ocuair RPAS you can achieve spectacular results.


Ocuair’s ability to provide high quality imagery and 3D models can help investigators to quickly establish both the quantity and cause of losses and incidents.  This is ideal for both the Public Sector and Loss Adjusters alike.


All our operatives are UK Government Security cleared so can help the police with their investigations.  We are able to quickly capture images of the incident and using the latest software we can produce a virtual environment where analysts can conduct their assessments.


Routine visual inspection can help prevent costly problems and accurate imagery can be used as an invaluable briefing tool.