Ocuair™ is the UK’s Leading Responsible Commercial UAV Operator. We have full Civil Aviation Authority permissions to operate drones for commercial aerial work – are fully insured – and are experts in gathering aerial images (photography) using remote controlled multi-rotor aerial systems, also known as UAS, UAV, RPAS, RPAV, Drones etc. and we process and edit in-house using the latest commercially licensed post-production applications.


Ocuair provide national coverage offering a more responsive and personalised service with bases in the South, Midlands and South Wales.


We are market leaders in Aerial Imagery, Photography and Videography. We offer an entirely new and unique perspective.  We can get closer, are more maneuverable and go where traditional aircraft can’t.

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Our Vision is to set a new standard in every aspect of commercial UAV operations.  We will be safer, offer services at an unrivalled quality and provide market leading customer support.


We also aim to promote the positive elements of RPAS technology for both the commercial sector and general public.

Our Mission is to develop UAV operational procedures and applications affordably, effectively and conveniently for our customers.  We will offer an unrivalled perspective on our clients’ world.  Through exceptional customer service and unparalleled operational output we will be the default setting for all UAV applications.  The customer and their requirements are central to everything we do.


Bespoke Solutions ButtonBespoke solutions

Ocuair are experts in exploiting, innovating and integrating the latest UAV technologies – if you need advice on how to deliver a specific task or would like to explore an application further we are able to offer advice and develop a solution with or for you that will meet the latest regulatory framework.  Whether you wish to operate the systems yourselves, contract for service provision or explore the realms of the possible, contact us to discuss your project.


Survey and Inspection

Visual – All types of structures require costly maintenance, we can help to make sure that resource is targeted where it is most needed. With our non-tactile visual inspections we can provide the very best quality detailed still photography and/or video to allow your experts to assess condition without any risk and usually for less cost than traditional means. We can use automated systems so that subsequent surveys present information in the same way to allow direct comparison. Where assets need to be identified, classified and valued, this data can provide the vital record.



Thermal Surveys

In partnership with the industry leaders IRT Surveys, Ocuair offer the best quality full radiometric thermographic surveys and analysis, whether for roofs, side elevations or the whole building envelope internally and externally to allow you to ‘see’ the building’s defects.



Other Commercial Applications

There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial applications.  Here are just a few of the types of services we can provide.

Ocuair can deliver a project wide view on large commercial developments and construction projects.  These can be used to monitor progress but also act as a briefing tool for your clients.  Imagine the ability to show the MD the view from his 20th floor, Ocuair can.






We share our collective experiences to communicate best practice.

We are an equal opportunities employer.

We operate a ‘Just Culture’ to sustain exemplary safety standards.

To evolve and improve we promote an open and innovative work environment.

We share profits with all our team.

We strive to achieve great customer service.

Staffed predominantly by ex Armed, Police & Fire Services.

We seek to support and promote our professional representative body.


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